Brenock was among the first software companies involved in web development. As developer lead with Chase Manhattan, Brenock created the first Private Banking site on the web nearly two decades ago – and it’s still in use today.

The Private Banking Dilemna

Private Banking is one of the most profitable areas of financial institutions. With its origins that go back 1000 years, Private Banking while not new, remains a challenge to execute in an enterprise. Security, a wide-range of products, a sense of exclusivity and above all, white-glove service are often opposing goals. Just like we are able to create exceptional customer experiences in the Cruise, Casino and Medical fields, a personalized experience is the very fabric of our Financial software. Brenock understands that ‘custom’ is the root of ‘customer’.

Putting the Custom in Customer

High net worth customers have increasingly complex financial needs. They demand the best of breed products and look for innovative and increasingly multi-device, mobile solutions. Our product platform is Open and can distribute most third-party products across a range of smart mobile phones, tablets and portable computers. We can integrate equities, fixed-income securities, structured products, foreign exchange, commodities, deposits and real-estate investments into a secure, flexible and highly scalable platform that puts your customer’s needs front and center. Innovation, security, and mobility are the hallmarks of Brenock – we can make them your value proposition for your most important customers.