Hundreds of suppliers. Thousands of locations. Some of the most complicated Supply Chains are found in the Quick Service Food and Hospitality industries. From working with America’s leading casino’s to the world’s biggest Quick Service Food distribution and logistics companies, Brenock Supply Chain software helps streamline operations and give an edge on cost control.


Get an overview of your operations in one snapshot on Brenock’s Supply Chain Optimization software suite. Know what’s happening in all aspects of Purchasing, Distribution and Logistics. Simple-to-use Least Cost Analysis enables high-level tracking of expenses – and helps you increase profits.


Brenock software is built to get you the information needed quickly. You can search by Supplier, Plant, DC Back Haul, Freight, DC and RDC. Keep an eye on Min/Max Capacities across Suppliers, Products and Baskets. Check multiple bids and costs at each stage and across literally dozens of RFPs and quotes.


The supply chain of the hospitality industry is an increasingly complex ecosystem of people, processes and technologies. Once mostly comprised of internal systems, supply chains have greatly expanded due to the proliferation of network tools and technologies. These innovations opened the door for true collaboration between partners, distributors and suppliers that extended well beyond the four walls of the enterprise. By enabling a snapshot view of stages of your Supply Chain by Plant, Division, Category, Company and Region. Brenock Supply Chain Optimization makes sure you can see the status of all stages and costs to ensure smooth operations for your team and guests. As in all Brenock software, you can choose to have access across most desktop and mobile devices, anywhere you have a secure connection.