2,000 crew members. 4,000 guests. Millions of interactions. Thousands of important ideas that will lead to a more effective operation with higher repeat and referral business. Are you harnessing the power of your corporations collective conscious? Idea Management – the time has come.


How do you find the breakthrough ideas that will help you do things differently? What do your customers think would improve their overall experience? How can you empower your people to embrace change? Your brand is reflected in each interaction between guests, your team and your vessels. Because of the amount of contacts during a voyage, the collective effect of small service improvements will amount to a significant change in the overall quality of service. That’s where Brenock’s Idea Management comes in.


Brenock’s Idea Management software, Idea Pipeline, scales beautifully from 10 to 100,000 users. You can gather ideas from every level of your company and guests, or just the people you want. The software is easy to use by anyone. You’ll be able to get your employees sharing ideas tomorrow. As ideas flow, users will organically build expert networks of internal and external innovators. They will create space where ideas are shared and innovation happens every day. Management can then prioritize and review ideas and create tasks, projects and change..