We get Mission Critical. Few situations are as demanding and critical as the Intensive Care Unit at a Children’s Hospital. But that’s exactly where Brenock was called to task. Just like Brenock accomplished in Cruise industry guest health reporting, the implementation of web-based Surgical and Medical outcomes and EHR reporting creates clear and immediate benefits.

An Acute Need

Monitoring direct outcomes is by far the most robust method of measuring impact, as it measures not only the hospital’s distribution of care, but also the impact of that care on patients’ quality of life. Surgical institutions can use operative mortality, complication rates, length of stay, readmission rates, patient satisfaction, functional health status, and other measures of health-related quality of life. Outcome measurement is considered the gold standard, as it assesses the value of the services provided. Using our knowledge of Surgical and Clinic care, we create a custom web-based medical reporting and HER platform to meet your exact needs.