Tideworks Joint Venture
Harnessing the Power
of your collective conscious
From Ports to Pilot, IMS
From Ports to Pilot, IMS
Controls Cost and Simplifies Your Routes To Profits
All Vendors, All Contracts
All Vendors, All Contracts
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Harnessing the Power Of Your Collective Conscious
Tideworks Joint Venture
Tideworks Joint Venture
Providing Technology Solutions For The Cruise Industry
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During these turbulent times in society and in particular for our cruise line partners, Brenock stands with our customers by continuing to understand and solve the issues facing our industry. We have earned our customers’ trust over the years by developing effective, user-friendly software solutions that help them save money and focus on what they do best – providing safe adventures and memories for their guests.

As we adjust to the new normal, the ability to streamline, innovate and manage costs, all while continuing to delight the guest, is going to be a deciding factor in who thrives in this new landscape. We at Brenock are uniquely suited to help our customers to improve their efficiency by providing state of the art Marine Operations software that manages the most important aspects of the cruise ship call cycle.

Today, in solidarity to our customers, we are asking you to let us show you how we can help. Let us prove you how we can help you modernize and be ready to navigate the uncertain future.​

We Are Brenock

A trusted Technology partner, Brenock works closely with its customers to bring cutting edge solutions to software development and project management, with a proven history of innovation, integrity and flexibility. ​

Founded in 1995 in Miami by Manus Walsh, Brenock has become a full-service provider of comprehensive solutions for the marine industry, and an innovative developer of cloud-based and mobile friendly applications.

Our most important asset is the partnership we have built with our longstanding customers, who entrust us with their business and partner with us to provide solutions for their strategic technology needs. That’s why the leading brands in the marine and cruise industry come back to us time and time


Industry Leaders Choose Brenock

Competitive Advantage ​

Brenock’s products offer benefits that outperform its competitors, with industry leading software platforms that provide real solutions and help drive efficiencies for our customer’s marine management systems.​

Power of the Platform

Mobile and Cloud based Technology​.


Unmatched support and attention.

Planning Expertise

Years of experience and proven data accessibility​.

Cost Savings

Cost-effective applications that drive immediate results​.

Our Services

To ensure we encompass all the necessary requirements in our specifications, we continuously look for ways to improve the software and services we provide.

App Development

Off the shelf, user-friendly software applications​.


Advising customers to implement new technology and innovative solutions.


Customize existing applications or development of new to world software​.