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Shoretime, is a first-of-its-kind cloud-based shore excursion management solution, that automates and streamlines core aspects of tour planning, including creating tours and sourcing bids from tour operators. The platform provides real-time updates that facilitate selection of tour operators, enabling automated inventory management and scheduling of selected excursions for its guests. It also increases visibility and streamlines communication between cruise lines and tour operators across all stages of tour planning, execution and reporting. Introducing this level of automation into inventory management replaces the outdated manual processes that have long been prone to errors and delays.

With Shoretime, managing tour content and inventory becomes seamless. Our platform facilitates tour operator onboarding and management, simplifies tour content management, and streamlines tour bidding and contracting processes. Say goodbye to manual inventory management – Shoretime provides intuitive tools for efficient tour inventory management.

But that's not all. Shoretime goes beyond content management to revolutionize tour reservations and operations. From onboard sales with our point-of-sale system and guest app to dispatch management and tour operator settlement processing, we've got you covered. Collect valuable guest feedback effortlessly and gain insights with our tailored reporting features.

Shoretime was built in partnership with trusted veteran cruise line executives for all the requirements of the shore excursion industry. Shoretime streamlines all interdependent operations and service experiences, through the automation of tasks and communications in a singular platform. The system is designed to produce higher shore excursion revenue, with a lighter workload. It can be used by cruise line product and planning teams as well as onboard journeys. Shoretime was developed by Tactivion, a leading provider of comprehensive tour excursion management software. Tactivion also developed and maintains Activitar, an online booking and management system for operators of tours, activities and attractions. Learn more about Shoretime at

Discover the power of Shoretime today and unlock new possibilities for your cruise ship operations.