Cruise lines find great benefits from Brenock's Integrated Management System.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is one of the world’s premium cruise providers. And with its reach and scale, managing the complexity of its port operations can be a daunting task, from planning, budgeting, confirmations, fees and expenses to tracking and paying invoices. ​
Initially developed by Brenock in partnership with RCCL to manage invoices, this program has expanded now to help them manage all port operations, from berth reservations to port cost verifications to receipt, approval and payment of invoice, all with the desired result of lowering costs, cutting paperwork and improving efficiency.

“What I love most about IMS is that it’s allowing my department to transition from being reactive and just shifting paperwork, to being proactive by analyzing and negotiating charges, reducing costs, and yielding greater savings to the company. We can finally be more strategic.” ​

Dustin Nason

Royal Caribbean


Holland America line fast-tracks invoicing process with custom help from Brenock.

Holland America needed to overhaul its invoicing system. Too many invoicing delays and errors were resulting in cost overruns and backlogs. Senior managers turned to Brenock for a solution. ​

Brenock created a two-step process where port agents could upload their invoices and Holland America could approve them with any internet-connected computer, replacing the old paper-intensive manual process. Now invoices are paid on time and an online portal enables 24/7 tracking with status updates at every step. Brenock was also able to add additional features such as real time audited foreign exchange and department approval, which resulted in improved cash flow and reducing prefunding. For Holland America, Brenock’s rapid response, service levels and long-term partnership were key to a successful solution. ​

“Along with their vast experience in developing software solutions for the marine industry, Brenock’s hands-on service and support makes them a true partner in building our success as a business,” said Sykes. “They are always willing to invest time, fine tuning systems to meet special needs and enhance performance.”​

Rashid Sykes

Holland America​


CREW Expenses simplified with CAMEX

Delivering great experiences and keeping cruise guests happy is a 24/7, all hands-on deck task, requiring a well-organized crew of thousands supported by a responsive management team and the technology to support them. And occasionally, the crew needs to spend money to keep things moving smoothly. Royal Caribbean partnered with Brenock to develop a solution to keeping guests satisfied while also efficiently controlling expenses, without the costs associated with off-the-shelf programs. ​

CAMEX was developed to simplify the tracking and recording of expenses by crew members and allow precise control and management of allowable expenses. Easy for the crew member to use and for on board approvers to review and pay. ​

CAMEX is now successfully running on all 55 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ships, helping tens of thousands of crew members manage their expenses, and saving RCCL time and money. ​

“With technology constantly evolving we needed a tool that not only made the process more efficient, moving us away from paper, but improved the experience for our employees at sea…” ​

Sai Patel

Royal Caribbean